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In Mannar

The feathered celebrities of Mannar, the legendary Flamingos, have arrived! Along with them have also arrived thousands of ducks and other rare migrant birds.
Rare migrant birds routinely show up in Mannar, which is undeniably the best location in Sri Lanka to see these birds, with its network of easily accessible roads, flat open terrain and vast brackish-water lagoons that offer perfect conditions for these animals that seek food, security and space to spend their winter months, in tranquility and peace.

This season too, starting from the 15th of December through to March, we at Palmyrah House will be hosting the services of expert ornithologists who will be providing their guiding services for all residents of Palmyrah House. The migrant season has always been an exciting time visitors, who get an unparalleled opportunity to view in marvel, study and photograph at leisure the graceful and stately Flamingos that spend more than five months in the wetlands of Mannar. Watch too, ducks by the thousands in the Korakulam wetlands,and Sand Plovers by the tens of thousands at Vankalai.

Join us; be a part of this phenomenon and indulge yourself in an experience that defies expression.

Visit us, and experience a closeness and empathy to these beautiful birds that can only be felt; that which no words can explain.

Explore with us, and be moved by a sense of belonging that will only make you more aware than ever why these precious habitats and these wonderful living animals need to be protected and preserved.

Indulge yourself. Mannar awaits you.

About Our Resident Ornithologist

As the bird migration season runs through till the end of March and beyond, Palmyrah House is pleased to have another resident Ornithologist Gayomini Panagoda to offer complimentary guided birding tours to guests during the months February and March.

Gayomini has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Conservation & Management from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka and is a researcher working on the human-monkey conflict of Sri Lanka. A member of the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL), she is currently reading for her PhD on Migration Ecology of birds across mainland Asia and Sri Lanka, at the Department of Zoology & Environment Sciences, University of Colombo whilst regularly being engaged in her field expeditions within the Adam’s Bridge National Park and the magical island of Mannar.

Join Gayomini and the team at Palmyrah House before the end of the birding season this year to experience one of the greatest spectacles of migrant birds ever to be seen in Sri Lanka.


Resident Ornithologist Upali Ekanayake with guests at birding locations in and around Mannar

With the Flamingos gracing us with their presence in the hundreds this migration season along with tens of thousands of other migrants, veteran Ornithologist Upali Ekanayake was able to take delighted guests on guided bird watching tours during his residency at Palmyrah House in the months of December and January, giving them an avian extravaganza few had ever experienced before.

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