Palmyrah House is situated in the approximate center of Mannar Island, with easy access to any place on the isle. We offer comfortable rooms, delicious food, a swimming pool, traditional well bath, recreational area, gym, library, bar, restaurant and tours throughout the district.

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Palmyrah House provides everything guests need to stay refreshed, whether it be swimming pools, traditional well baths or trips to the beach. Enjoy our delicious local cuisine, made from the freshest local cuisine of land and sea.

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Palmyrah House serves some of the best cuisine in Mannar. All meals are provided and dishes can be tailor-made to your tastes with a little prior notice. However, we do recommended that our visitors try our acclaimed local menu.

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There are several activities to be enjoyed during your stay at Palmyrah House Guests can rent a boat to visit the legendary Adam’s Bridge. Sea bathing at our luxurious private beach is also another popular option.

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Explore the sights which give Mannar its unique character. As visitors explore and become more familiar with the surroundings, flagship names like Adam’s Bridge, Mannar Fort and Doric House will soon become a part of the jargon.

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