Palmyrah House is situated in the approximate center of Mannar Island, with easy access to any place on the isle. We offer comfortable rooms, delicious food, a swimming pool, traditional well bath, recreational area, gym, library, bar, restaurant and tours throughout the district. Palmyrah House covers 35 acres, hosting fourteen rooms, all manned by our friendly staff, making sure you have a comfortable and memorable stay.


Mannar is a district located in the far north-west of Sri Lanka. Steeped in history, nature and culture, its amazing offerings can now be truly explored in the post-war era. Located in Sri Lanka’s Arid Zone, Mannar receives plenty of sun, as well as a healthy breeze blowing throughout the land, particularly on Mannar Island. Found at the border of two seas, the waters are abundant with life; whilst on land, the district neighbors a vibrant national park.

Mannar was a center of maritime trade since ancient times, and is influenced by over four centuries of colonial influence. Mannar is famed for the migratory birds which fly south during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter season and is a fantastic location for some of the island's best seafood.